Haven Callouts

What are callouts and why should I use them?

A callout describes a specific position on the map. Most importently callouts are mostly short and easy to say words describing the area. Therefore using a callout is the fastest and most precise way you can use to describe where you saw an enemy, where you got killed from or what angle you are holding. In addition it is also used to discuss strategy at the beginng of the round.

Why are there diffrent callouts for the same spot?

For example some that are used universal are heaven, which always describes elevated spots on the map. Likewise short and long describing the diffrent paths to a bombsite. There are diffrent callouts depending on language, country or even personel preference. If you play with a team you should decide which callouts your team should use to avoid confusion. The callouts given by riot which can be activate within the settings are a good start. However these are not always the most common ones and further there are some importent spots without one.

What else can I learn about the map?

Depending on the agent you play there a lot of lineups you can learn that help improve your performence on the map. Click on the agent you want to know more lineups and strats for.


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