Brimstone - Incendiary


Equip an Incendiary grenade launcher. Fire to launch a grenade that detonates as it comes to a rest on the floor, creating a lingering fire zone that damages players within the zone.

Brimstone - Stim Beacon

stim beacon

Equip a Stim Beacon. Fire to toss the stim beacon in front of Brimstone. Upon landing, the stim beacon will create a field that grants players RapidFire.

Brimstone - Sky Smoke

Sky smoke

Equip a tactical map. Fire to set locations where Brimstone's smoke clouds will land. Alternate Fire to confirm, launching long-lasting smoke clouds that block vision in the selected area.

Brimstone - Orbital Strike

orbital Strike

Equip a tactical map. Fire to launch a lingering orbital strike laser at the selected location dealing high damage over-time to players caught in the selected area.

Brimstone lineups on all maps

Breach Tips & Tricks

  • Your skysmokes can be used to create oneways. 
  • Don’t waste all your smokes early in the round, because having smokes in an afterplant situation can be round winning.
  • The incendiary has a slow traveltime but a really long range. Learning these lineups can be crucial. Lineups for Ascent/Bind/Haven/Split
  • Stim Beacon last for 12 seconds but you don’t have to stand inside it to get the buff. The buffs stays on you for 4 seconds after you left the beacon area.
  • Brimstone ult has more range then his smokes.
  • In an afterplant situation you can get to a save distance and use your ult on the bomb when you hear the defuse sound. As a result you can deny the defuse and stall more time.
  • Orbital Strike does not care about rooftops. Indoor areas are treated the exact same way as outdoor areas. In other words you can’t hide form the strike.