Sage Haven Lineups/Strats

A site

- Slow A lobby to A long

Lineup & Explanation

Because this slow lands on A long you might catch an enemy early peaking.

- Wall A long / A heaven

Lineup & Explanation

Firstly used to wall off A long. Secondly to get ontop of the boxes for an nice off angle.

- Wall A heaven

Lineup & Explanation

Classic wall to close of heaven. However you might consider using it to wall of CT.

B site

- Wall B entrance (1)


Firstly used to delay enemies pushing into site. Secondly used to get on top of the boxes in site.

- Wall B entrance (2)


Similar to the last wall, however you are able to get back ontop of the wall if you fall down.

- Slow B site to C long

Lineup & Explanation

While this is a great slow for C long the lineup has to be perfect as it will land on top of the roof otherwise.

C site

- Slow to garage window


This slow is more on the fly lineup. If you heave problems with the wood you can aim up and to the left a bit and also be fine.

- Slow C lobby to C backsite

Lineup & Explanation

Because this slow lands in back site C it is a great slow for a C push. Similar lineups work for a lot of the mollys in the game and they can be combined to get kills on the C player.

- Slow C lobby to C spawn

Lineup & Explanation

Similar slow to the last one but this one cuts of the rotation to C site.

- Wall C backsite


Because this wall gives an off angle above the C box, make sure your wall is not visible from C long as they will expect you ontop if they see it from long.