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ONEWAY Cages Ascent

Guide for 10 Cypher oneway cages on Ascnet. In short oneway cages are mostly used on top of legdes that create a cap on the bottom of the cage. As a result if they are used correctly you will be able to see the enemy while they wont see you.

Shock Bolt Volleys

Double Shock Darts to tilt your opponents and to get easy opening kills. To clarify, the goal is that both Shock Bolts land at the same time in the same spot to deal maximum damage to an opponent holding there. As a result the Darts should oneshot your opponent resulting in easy kills.

Sova Ascent Guide

Sova Guide for lineups on Ascent. Firstly this guide gives you 16 easy to use recon bolt lineups. Secondly it gives you 8 different shock bolt lineups. In addition there are 2 lineups for shock dart volleys. To clarify shock dart volleys also called double shock darts are meant to oneshot enemys holding a common angle.


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Patch Notes

Patch 1.02

Finally ranked released with this patch. In addition Viper got buffs for her molly as well as a quality of life chage for her wall. Besides the Viper buff riot changed the interactions with Phoenix ult for Jett and Reyna.

Full Patch Rundown

patch 1.01

Patch 1.01 brought another Sage nerf, reducing the cast range of her wall by 10 meters. Major bugfixes were introduced for Cypher and Reyna as well as updates for Spike Rush.

Full Patch Rundown

Patch 1.0

Updating from the beta Sage and Raze got nerfed. In contrast Phoenix Jett and Omen got buffs. New Agent Reyna got released aswell.

Full Patch Rundown

About Valorant-HQ

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