Viper - Snakebite

snake bite

Equip a chemical launcher. Fire to launch a canister that shatters upon hitting the floor, creating a lingering chemical zone that damages and slows enemies.

Viper - Poison Cloud

poison cloud

quip a gas emitter. Fire to throw the emitter that perpetually remains throughout the round. Re-use the ability to create a toxic gas cloud at the cost of fuel. This ability can be re-used more than once and can be picked up to be redeployed.

Viper - Toxic Screen

toxic screen

Equip a gas emitter launcher. Fire to deploy a long line of gas emitters. Re-use the ability to create a tall wall of toxic gas at the cost of fuel. This ability can be re-used more than once.

Viper - Vipers Pit

Viper's pit

Equip a chemical sprayer. Fire to spray a chemical cloud in all directions around Viper, creating a large cloud that reduces the vision range and maximum health of players inside of it.

Viper Lineups for every Map

Viper Tips & Tricks

  • Toxic Screen works via line-of-sight. Therefore shooting it into the air or above a building can give it more range then just shooting it at the building.
  • While being immung to the decay of her smoke and her ult she is not immune to her snake bite.
  • Likewise her allies are not immune to Vipers smoke and ult.
  • After enabling Poison Cloud, you must wait at least 2 seconds before disabling it again. And after disabling it, you must wait at least 5 seconds before enabling it again.
  • Posion Cloud can be used to create easy oneway smokes. Find lineups for Ascent/Bind/Haven/Split.
  • While using your ult you should duck in and out of your ultimate. As a result enemies pushing into your smoke might check a corner of the ult and not seeing you there, however you can dip back in the ult and kill them. Creating hiding corners can be great.