Sage - Barrier Orb

Barrier orb

Equip a barrier orb. Fire places a solid wall. Alternate fire rotates the targeter.

Sage - Slow Orb

slow orb

Equip an orb that slows whoever walks on them after being thrown on the ground.

Sage - Healing Orb

healing orb

Equip a healing orb. Fire with your crosshairs over a damaged ally to activate a heal-over-time on them. Alternate fire while Sage is damaged to activate a self heal-over-time.

Sage Valorant Agent
Sage - Ressurection


Equip a ability. Fire with your crosshairs placed over a dead ally to begin resurrecting them. After a brief channel, the ally will be brought back to life with full health.


Tips & Tricks

  • You can see your teammates health bars thorugh walls, however it requiers line-of-sight to actually use the heal.
  • Right clicking your heal, always heals yourself.
  • Barrier Orb can be used to boost yourself or teammates over walls or onto diffrent angles.
  • Similar you can counterwall over an enemy Sage wall.
  • Meele attacks deal more damage to walls.
  • You can combine Barrier Orb with the abilities of certain other agents (Omen, Jett, and Raze in particular) to see and even fire over the tops of buildings.
  • The Slow Orb will always attempt to cover the same amount of space, regardless of where it lands. For example, if you through it into a corner, it will push out further than usual in the opposite direction so that it covers the right area.
  • The moment you leave the area of effect, you regain full movement capabilities. Unlike, for example, Brimstone’s Stim ability, the effect does not persist for a time after your leave the affected area.
  • Your ult is one of the strongest in the game. As a result giving sage plants defuses and ult orb should be priority.
  • Ressurection can be used even after you won the round, resulting in a better economy for your team(eco res).
  • Sage is a great defensive Operator user because  surving longer is key for her.